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It is timeless, original and a wonderful alternative to the tie. James Bond didn’t wear it for nothing – the bow tie, the absolute classic among elegant men’s fashion. It is often associated with the special moments in life, but only a few know that this timeless accessory can not only be worn with smocking, but also much more often. The variety of colors, sizes and patterns is enormous. No matter where this gem is used, the bow tie is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


The bow tie, also known as a bow tie, is small and unobtrusive, but still instantly visible – as it is worn just below the face. They are already pre-tied or you have to be able to tie them yourself. An elegant and formal shirt goes best with the bow tie. One should prefer a rather inconspicuous color of the shirt, so that the bow tie can enjoy its appearance in the best possible way. When it comes to a shirt, you should pay particular attention to the collar: French collars and Heissian collars are good choices, but a cut-away collar is not recommended. The wing collar in combination with smocking is ideal with a bow tie for festive or highly official occasions.

The size and width of the bow ties can also vary, taking lapels into account. Big flies should be worn with jackets with a rather wide ravers.

Various accessories complete the look with the bow tie, for example suspenders can also be worn with it. One should, however, fall back on rather inconspicuous ones. Cufflinks complement the stylish appearance and enhance the overall picture. Take a look at our shop and you will discover a selection of top quality bow ties and cuffs. Of course, patterned bow ties can and may also be worn for a suitable occasion. However, this requires a certain knowledge of fashion, but with time everyone will surely be able to do it well.


As already mentioned, the bow tie does not only have to be worn with smocking and a suit, but can also be part of a casual outfit. With such a choice, however, you should make sure that every detail in the outfit fits perfectly and harmonises with each other. An understated shirt with a bow tie, simple jeans and a blazer create a casual yet elegant look.
The Denium brand is known for its timeless elegance. Nevertheless, always highly modern and according to the latest trends. The quality of our items speaks for itself. No matter what the occasion you are looking for an accessory, you will surely find something useful at Denium. Discover our bow ties and be inspired!

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