They are so similar and yet all so different – the men’s ties are available in countless variants. Although you have the impression that you can do almost nothing wrong with the choice of tie, you quickly got it wrong. Because depending on the occasion and dressсode, the choice should vary. So here are a few tips for choosing the right tie. It is important that the tie emphasizes your image individually and emphasizes your masculinity.


The ties are available in long and short, narrow and wide. Which one you choose depends entirely on the occasion. For formal occasions, classic variants are best suited, with a length directly above the belt buckle and in subtle colors. For the width of the tie, the lapel of the suit is decisive – the tie should be about the same width as the lapel at its widest point. In general, wider ties are suitable for wide, tall men and the narrow ones for smaller gentlemen.

The tie is made of different fabrics. The most popular are silk, wool, cotton and polyester. Often one relies on the choice of the fabric on contrast to the suit. The popular ones are still the silk ties – at Denium you will find a large selection of high-quality, beautiful models.


The tie can be tied and worn in different ways, but the most important thing is – it has to look casual! It should look elegant and give your appearance self-confidence and authority.

The choice of color also plays an important role here: for formal and business occasions, it is more appropriate to resort to plain ties. The most popular colors here are red, blue and black. A subtle pattern can also complement the classic appearance – you usually reach for a dotted or striped tie. The lighter tones of the tie are more suitable for warmer months and festive occasions. On our shop you will find ties in different colors and patterns that are suitable for any occasion, discover the selection on denium.com


It can be said that it is the first step of a young man to adult life: learning the binding technique. There are different ways to tie a tie, we have listed here a short guide to the simplest technique, the four-in-hand:

  • Hold the tie so that the wide end of the tie is on the left side about 20cm below the narrow end of the tie.
  • Now cross the wide end with the narrow horizontally.
  • The wide end is pulled upwards through the loop.
  • Now the wide end is pulled down through the loop in the knot
  • Now the knot can be tightened, to do this you hold the narrow end and pull the knot upwards.

He voilà! The tie fits perfectly and you are ready to conquer the day!

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