Tailored Suit

Tailored suit

In contrast to an off-the-shelf suit, the tailor-made suit is individually made according to your personal body dimensions, wishes and needs.

Unfortunately, the designation offers no guarantee in terms of quality and fit. You should therefore pay attention to the reputation of the supplier when buying and be quite critical when trying it on.

As with building a house, planning and measuring are the most critical points when making a suit. A suit can only ever be as good as the tailor who took the measurements. So make sure your advisor is competent. It is not a bad sign if your adviser is reconsulting a colleague on specific points or is busy taking action for a while. It is better to invest more time here – it pays off in the finished suit.

Like any individual product, a tailor-made suit results from the joint planning of buyer and seller. If you don’t like the seller or if you don’t trust them, please change the store – the result will surely disappoint you.

This joint planning also means that subsequent changes may be necessary, especially during the first production. If your consultant draws your attention to such minor criticisms when trying on the finished garment, that is a good sign. If possible, your supervisor will eliminate these points later, but will always take them into account for the next production.

As a result, the second suit is better than the first. If you want to have several suits made, start with the less important one. Please don’t be afraid to address things that you didn’t like.

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