How do I recognize a perfect tie? ‘A man is worth his tie. His essence is revealed through her, his spirit is manifested in her. The man’s spirit is shown in the ability to tie his tie.” Honore de Balzac The cut Experts disagree about the origin of the tie, it could go back to

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What is made to measure? Today, made-to-measure clothing stands for exceptional quality and first-class service: you can find historical facts and some reasons why investing in a made-to-measure suit is worthwhile here. Definition and explanation: The tailoring of suits based on standardized basic models is called tailoring. The individual work steps are carried out on

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Dress code at work Are you in uniform? Then you’re fine. Everyone else should deal with the topic of dress code. While dress codes are far more relaxed in some industries than they used to be, they still apply to many businesses. While you can go to your start-up in sandals and shorts, you should

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What is bespoke tailoring? Bespoke tailoring as we know it today has existed since the early 19th century. Did you know that up to 225 work steps are necessary before you hold the finished suit in your hands? Definition and explanation: Bespoke tailoring refers to the manual production of clothing. Until the late 19th century,

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3 tips for the perfect tailor-made suit Every stylish man needs at least one sophisticated, unique suit. While most companies have adopted “casual wear” these days, there’s no debate that a man in a well-tailored suit is immediately seen as better looking by women and is more respected by other men. Possibly more importantly, when

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Cloth merchants and weavers Where does the fabric for your next tailored suit come from? Here we present traditional weaving mills and fabric dealers who have made a name for themselves with quality and standards. Come to one of our branches and convince yourself of the cloth collections of these suppliers by touching and looking

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Men’s fashion: These are the trends for 2021 2021 is an exciting year – in terms of fashion as well as in general. Fashion, and last but not least men’s fashion, is not just a practical, stylish or attention-grabbing stylistic device. Rather, fashion is an expression of the times. What do people want? What is

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Pocket handkerchief: That certain extra All gentlemen wear a pocket handkerchief made of white linen with their tails and most with their tuxedo. But in everyday life you rarely see the splash of color. Because many men despair when it comes to choosing the right tie for their shirt every day – a handkerchief in

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